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Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou-rhenium
Contact: Liu
Mobile: 13925799771
Tel 020 -81745262
Fax 020 -81745262
Q Q: 408548585
Zip Code: 510375
Emai l:
Website: www.
Address: China Guangdong Longxi Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, Wang Chi Industrial Zone No. 371, 1st Floor, South Tower

About Us

   Guangzhou- rhenium Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise system in accordance with the founder of high-tech enterprises , R & D , manufacturing , sales and service of integrated laser equipment business.
    Company provides various types of laser welding machines , laser cladding machine , laser cutting machine and a variety of laser accessories. The company has professional management , research and development , manufacturing, and service personnel , according to customer needs, providing a comprehensive and detailed high cost of laser equipment and technical services.

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